Allison Spears, Certified Health Coach

I’m Allison, a Christian, wife, mom, animal lover, plant-based foodie, aspiring author, Certified Health Coach, Certified Life Coach and Certified Professional with Meal Garden.

I am passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves and enjoy seeing others reach their full potential! I believe food is just one aspect of health and wellness. We are creative beings and when our mind, body, and spirit are functioning properly we will enjoy vibrant health, energy, and creativity!

My personal health journey has evolved over the years and I now eat a much wider variety of foods. Through learning about whole foods and the power of plants, herbs, and adaptogens, I healed my seasonal spring allergies, adult acne, extreme menstrual cramps and yoyo-ing weight. I also require less sleep and have more energy than I ever knew was possible. I fully believe in the transformation of health and wellness through the power of plants. I’ve experienced the body’s ability to heal itself and look forward to sharing my knowledge via articles, videos, recipes, and workshops!

I develop customized programs and pricing to fit your needs.