Wellness is a state of being healthy but in both the mind and the body. There are different dimensions that make up wellness and give you that holistic picture of what it is to be healthy. While your physical health and the absence of disease and illness is so extremely important, it is not all there is. Wellness is an integration of the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, occupational and intellectual well being. All of these areas have impact on your total wellness in one form or another. Often there is more than one area of wellness that we can improve on. There is no perfect state to be in but there is balance to wellness and learning new skills and increasing knowledge to help you find that balance is the goal.

Things happen in our lives that may affect and impact us emotionally. Maybe this shapes how we handle situations or react to challenges or difficult times. Our emotional and mental wellness is so important and it often paves the way for us to be able to master other areas in our lives…such as being able to make healthy choices with our relationships, with our food, our bodies or with colleagues or even as leaders in the workplace. Each dimension of wellness affects the other in some way, shape or form. It becomes about choosing the path of acceptance and growth in pursuit of an improved state of well being.

Achieving social or intellectual wellness may come easy to some while others may have to set clear goals and some may need to seek help in order to wake that level of wellness inside them, for example by taking a course. Or, the reason you may feel like you have met your intellectual wellness may be because you have expanded your knowledge and learning and built connections and are an active participant in your community. This can apply to the other areas of wellness also…the physical, environmental and social…

Choosing to live a healthier and more fulfilled life may not come easy or you may not be able to see the benefits at the moment. However, it is a practice and practice takes work, commitment, persistence and time. We all deserve to feel good mentally and physically. Small positive changes within each area of wellness can help us get there.

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