Health Coaching

Have you been thinking about making lifestyle changes or healthier lifestyle choices but not sure where to begin? Are you curious about what a health coach can actually do for you? Instead, ask yourself what is it that a health coach can actually help me to achieve? Are you ready to invest in your personal well being and improve your quality of life?

A health coach is someone that supports you in achieving a healthier lifestyle. We work with you on setting small attainable goals toward behavior change. Some may associate health with only eating healthy foods and exercise. While the foods you consume and the calories you exert during exercise play a huge role in your overall health, it isn’t just about food and exercise. Health is about being your best socially, mentally & physically. Where you are at mentally is just as important, if not more important to you achieving your goals. How you perceive yourself and your self confidence toward making positive and lasting change affects your ability to do just that.

If you are going through something difficult that is affecting your day to day life, a health coach is here to guide, support, motivate and encourage you in making positive health choices. The goal is to empower you to make transformational habit change that will withstand after you engage in our services.

Every person is different and their journey is different. You may have one area you want to focus on such as nutrition, healthy eating or cooking, exercise or weight loss. Are you looking for natural ways to reduce high blood pressure, reducing cholesterol or reducing your stress? Maybe there are layers affecting how you approach your overall wellness that you want to unfold. Either way, we are here to help guide you in achieving optimal wellness.


*Health Coaches are not a substitute for a primary care doctor or a Physician. Health Coaches offer education to increase knowledge, offer guidance, tips and tools to support you during your health journey.

Laurie Dierstein