Health & Nutrition Coaching


REBOOT gives you the tools you need to feel 100%. Health coaching is one way we do it.

When my clients leave, they feel prepared and ready for anything.

You want to be healthy, but where do you begin? We know going it alone is frustrating.

That’s why Allison and Kate are here to help.

Allison is a plant-based health and nutrition coach. With her help, you can learn to fuel your body in a way that improves your energy, mental health and helps you meet fitness goals. Plus, you’ll eat really delicious food (and our whole team is obsessed with her smoothies). With Allison, eating well doesn’t have to feel like being deprived.

Kate is a health coach. She’s your go-to for peer-to-peer support. Your accountability buddy, your biggest fan, and your coach whether you’re at home, traveling or at Reboot face-to-face. Our health coaches help you start one healthy habit at a time - and work it into your life in a way that really WORKS for you.

Health coaching is only $85 per session OR $199 for a 1-month package.

Let’s do this! Call to schedule a free tour and learn more, 757.689.0334