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Address the challenges you face in the workplace or at home. Develop skills to overcome these challenges and to perform better as a manager, co-worker, spouse, or parent. 

Life can become busy and hectic very quickly when we are trying to manage our professional and personal lives. Maintaining balance between the two can be difficult and even seem overwhelming. 

The providers at REBOOT: Mind, Body, Health can help you identify your priorities, problem-solve what may be getting in the way, and get you back on track to success and satisfaction in your responsibilities. 

Our clients come to us with concerns regarding managing difficult bosses and co-workers, bullying in the workplace, improving communication, struggling to keep up with the demands of their job, and developing confidence to work toward promotion or to build their own businesses. Our clients have also sought treatment when they have experienced difficulty in conceiving, are looking for support and guidance through infertility treatments or the adoption process, need support and education in parenting, and want to improve communication and their family dynamic.   

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Times of transition bring on quite a bit of change. Sometimes, this can affect our moods and our overall functioning. Have you noticed a lack of motivation or interest? Have you been more irritable than usual or are you becoming easily frustrated? Are you spending less time with friends or family, or have you stopped doing fun activities? Do you experience periods of intense worry about your future or have feelings of hopelessness about your future? Are you having difficulty sleeping or notice a change in your appetite? 

If you have experienced any of these concerns or are struggling in school for other reasons, our providers can help. Reach out to a therapist today. Our services can be offered in a safe, private, and completely confidential setting that is convenient for you – in our office or online. 

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Older adults have a number of changes they are faced with, often on their own. These may include changes in housing, financial burdens, chronic health problems, loss of friends and loved ones, role reversal within their family, feelings of loneliness, and a sense of their own mortality. Relatives who act as caretaker or primary supports for older adults also can feel overwhelmed at times and fear they are not giving enough or doing well in this role. 

If you or someone you love is in either of these situations, contact a therapist at REBOOT: Mind, Body, Health. We provide a caring and judgment-free zone for seniors and their families to reflect on their lives, their accomplishments, their regrets, and to develop new ways of managing their lives