Meggie Speight, RYT

I was born in Newport, Rhode Island and with a father who is a retired Navy Officer. I was so fortunate to live in many different states spanning from the west coast to the east coast. Our final destination was Virginia Beach, where I attended Cape Henry Collegiate for middle and high school and is where I met my husband. For the past six years I was an early childhood classroom teacher teaching ages 2 through 6. While teaching is a passion of mine, being active and moving my body is as well. I began classical dance at the age of three, was a cheerleader, soccer and field hockey player. With a background in dance and fitness I figured Yoga would be a perfect fit for me. The combination of teaching and movement of the physical body is the reason I pursued my Yoga Teacher Certification. 

My practice of Yoga began 9 years ago when I was 18, and I instantly fell in love with the beautiful, rhythmic movements practiced on my mat. My Yoga Teacher Training was an eye opening and truly life changing period in my life especially for spiritual growth. I learned that Yoga goes beyond the Asanas practiced on our mats and is in fact a practiced lifestyle. Yoga has taught me to live in the moment, be present and self-aware. The hardest Asanas practiced on our mats are parallel to the obstacles, anxieties and struggles we embark in our everyday routine. With patience, compassion and mindful breath work towards one self we can release and feel freedom in our energetic and physical body on and off our mats.

When I am not practicing or teaching Yoga, I am the happiest when I am spending time with my amazing family, friends and “fur baby” Coco. I enjoy relaxing at the beach, dancing, seeing Broadway shows, working out/Pilates, and traveling to Costa Rica with my husband.

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