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REBOOT: Mind, Body, Health was created by Laurie Dierstein, LCSW based on her experiences over more than fifteen years working in the mental health field.

Laurie Dierstein, LCSW

Laurie Dierstein, LCSW

Laurie was first exposed to mental health treatment in Boston, MA where she worked with institutionalized adults in a state psychiatric hospital. She then dove into community-based care while living on the island of Oahu, HI where she worked as a crisis counselor and provided street side interventions to the school system, the homeless population, hospitals, and rural communities. It was in this role that Laurie adopted the approach of improving self-care while focusing on nutrition and physical activity as practical ways to improve mood and confidence. This approach was further strengthened in Laurie’s mind after years of working in children’s psychiatric hospital administration as a department head and witnessing the impact of a strong medical model on the lives on children and their families. While there is a place for this level of care, Laurie believes more interventions should be preventative and proactive in an effort to preserve a client’s sense of independence and control in managing their own symptoms or concerns. 

Thus, Laurie founded Beach Counseling, LLC in 2016 as an attempt to bring this approach to treatment.  In her outpatient practice, she initially worked with clients diagnosed with chronic diseases, primarily infertility and problems

affecting fertility. She also worked with a large number of clients diagnosed with borderline diabetes and diabetes. 

REBOOT: Mind, Body, Health was then born from the positive experiences Laurie’s clients had in their treatment and their ability to easily apply treatment concepts to shorten the duration of therapy. 

This is the primary goal at REBOOT: Mind, Body, Health. We believe our clients are capable of learning how to work within and overcome the challenges they are faced with. We believe our clients are motivated to work with our various providers to develop skills to become their best selves. We believe when our clients invest in themselves, invest in focusing on a lifetime of health and continued improvement, they can regain control. We make every effort to work within the limits of our clients’ lives – their schedules, their habits, their barriers – to make this process as easy as possible. 

REBOOT: Mind, Body, Health offers all of our services either in our beautiful community-based office or online. 

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