Health Bundles

REBOOT: Mind, Body, Health offers several opportunities to experience an integrated approach to managing health in a natural way. We encourage our clients to work within each of our disciplines to discover the benefits of a mind and body approach to gaining a healthy lifestyle and learn which methods work best for their needs.

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Seven Session REFRESH $297

Wake up your health in seven sessions with us. Learn skills to get back on track, improve bad habits, and invest in a healthier lifestyle.

  • Two sessions with a Health Coach

  • Two sessions with a Certified Personal Trainer

  • Two yoga classes with a Certified Yoga Instructor

  • One session with a Massage Therapist

Couples REBOOT $800

Communication is key in any lasting and meaningful relationship. Learn how to improve communication with your loved one in multiple areas. Gain insight into how to work better together, problem solve challenges, and achieve common health goals.

  • Twice weekly sessions with a Certified Personal Trainer

  • Two sessions with a Health Coach

  • Three sessions with a Licensed Psychotherapist

  • Five yoga classes each

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REBOOT Membership $21.99/month

Investing in your health shows a strong commitment to change. Do so with the providers at REBOOT: Mind, Body, Health and address your health through learning skills that work best for you from a mental, physical, and emotional perspective.

  • Receive 20% off of all services and packages*

*Excludes psychotherapy services when using insurance benefits