Positive Discipline Tips and Tools; Parenting the Positive Way

Parenting is hard, it’s a full time job! It can be overwhelming, challenging and defeating. Parenting the positive way is a learned method, it’s what you practice each day with your child/children. It's not having all the answers. Sometimes you won't get it quite right and that is ok. Positive parenting and positive discipline is admitting when you are wrong and growing through the mistakes with your children.  Positive discipline is about engaging your children in the process and finding a solution…together. 

Children want to feel like they belong in the family and that they play a significant role. They are important and valued, respected and loved. Children should be met with kindness, fairness and firmness.  We are trying to raise them to be independent, successful,  self disciplined, compassionate humans and adults. Children should be supported with the tools they need to be successful as they grow. This means children must be met with opportunities to learn social and life skills to carry with them into the future!   

 Think about how your parenting is impacting your child/children and the environment you create in your home. Think about the goals you wish for them to meet in life, what characteristics you hope for them to gain, and the life skills you want them to develop (problem solving, independence, kind, happy, communication skills, honesty, resilience, respectful, compassionate, confident, self motivated and so, so many more).  

It's important to remember with parenting that just because you did something one way with one child or just because you have been doing something a certain way for some time, that doesn’t mean you can’t change how you approach parenting and situations and challenges moving forward. It is really a good thing to reflect and think "maybe that wasn’t the best approach, maybe I can try something new."  Being open to new ideas and methods and doing so in a more positive way is empowering, admirable and as human beings we should feel good about our ability to grow and learn.  We should be encouraging this growth and positivity with our children. 

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