Power Hour

Presented by Charley Lovett, CPT

Join us every Friday at 5:30pm for 1 hour of outdoor circuit training.

2528 Las Brisas Drive, Virginia Beach 23456


Rain or Shine

What is Power Hour?

  • 1 hour of circuit training

  • Focus on full-body exercises

  • Each week is COMPLETELY different

  • Sweat out the work week and set yourself up for a fun and active weekend

Who is Power Hour for?

  • YOU!!

  • Anyone looking for a fun way to exercise

  • Anyone interested in meeting new people

  • All fitness levels

How do I sign up?

  • Give us a call! 757.689.0334

  • Click the link below to register for a single class or a series

  • Pre-registration is required for this class, so make sure you are signed up in advance