Stress….we all experience it at one point or another. So what do we do about it? We want to achieve wellness but an unhealthy amount of stress in our lives can negatively affect our wellness. The two most impactful things we can do with regard to stress is work on ways to reduce it and work on ways to best cope with it and/or manage it.

Stress is inevitable. We lead busy lives and live in a society that has become increasingly fast paced. We are faced with obstacles in our home life, our social life, our work life that can cause stress. People experience and cope differently to stress. We know that having responsibility and people to care for and livelihoods to maintain is going to come with it’s challenges.

Part of “living well” and living a “healthy lifestyle” is being able to tune in to how we feel and what is going on around us. We want to be able to make changes to eliminate the stress we feel and to improve the ways in which we react to situations or take on situations that make us increasinly overwhelmed.

Here are some examples of how you can de-stress. Incorporating these activities into your life can help to reduce your stress in the moment and hopefully over time.

  • Focus on breathing. Are you at your computer, or getting ready to get out of your car to go do an errand, pick up your kids, walk into work? Take a minute, and breathe in and out deeply a few times first (this can also help to lower your heart-rate).

  • Meditate- this doesn’t have to be time consuming. Try a few minutes a day!

  • Listen to calming music or music that makes you feel happy or at ease.

  • Exercise- walk, jog, do yoga or whatever physical activity you enjoy or makes you feel accomplished and strong (exercise helps you feel good, sleep better at night and has so many more health benefits)!

  • Journal, write and take note of what you are grateful for. Alter your thinking and practice positivity.

  • Talk to someone. Connect with others. A friend, family member, spouse, partner or a therapist. Share what you are experiencing and seek comfort and support in others.

  • Laugh! Find joy where you can. Laugh when you can.

There are many ways in which you can de-stress. It is important to have healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with daily stressors so you can achieve optimal wellness. To learn more or for guidance from a Health Coach contact us by phone or email.

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