Who are we?

Hi and welcome to our REBOOT Mind, Body, Health blog. To start we wanted to tell you a little bit about who we are and what we do. REBOOTvb is a team of health and wellness professionals here to educate, guide and support you toward building a healthier lifestyle.  We follow an integrated health model that focuses on the whole person perspective offering supportive services to help you address barriers and stay motivated.

We share ongoing tips and tools to help you as you work toward positive behavior change. Maybe you’re looking to improve your nutrition, reduce stress or you want to learn how to manage aspects of your day to day life. Maybe you want to improve your physical, and mental well being. If you need supportive services while you approach a challenging period in your life, you can contact us. And, if you are just interested in learning new health information and following us for some extra positivity for the day or week, we are glad you are here. Whatever it may be, we are excited to share in this journey to wellness with you!

Exciting options:

*Our team understands how busy life can be so we offer multiple services and packages using various approaches and technology to best meet your needs.

Laurie Dierstein