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REBOOT: Mind, Body, Health

Where Virginia Beach Families Get Energized

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REBOOT Wellness Studio is home to all the tools you need to feel healthy and energized. Come as YOU and do something for YOU.

“Body and mind are so closely related that if one is healthy the other must be so.” Buddha Bose


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From one-on-one, couples & group sessions, we offer therapy to help you cope with life’s curve balls.



It’s okay if you don’t know what a downward dog is. Start here! Your first class is FREE.



Ready to get motivated? No matter where you are, you can level up. Let’s do this!



You want to be healthy? Where do you begin? The right guidance makes the difference.


We know you are busy. Our services can be offered completely online to make it easy for you to work on your goals. Online therapy and wellness services are private, safe, and accessible to meet your needs. 



Therapy and counseling is for everyone, anytime - not just for a crisis. We are here to help you feel better and move forward. Therapy at Reboot is an individualized process where trust comes first. Our therapists keep a safe, confidential, supportive space for you to let it all out - so we can help you make progress at anytime or point in life.

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Health + Nutrition Coaching

You want to be healthy, but where do you begin? Health coaches help you plan your journey to better health, and our nutritionist helps you meal prep and add healthy (and delicious) meals to your repertoire. Start by defining goals - then identifying the triggers, barriers and mindsets that you can shift to live and feel healthier.


Personal Training

Exercise is the not-so-secret secret. Our personal trainers help you unlock all the good vibes exercise has to offer: feeling energized, clearing your mind and feeling good about yourself. You can start good exercise habits or revive lost skills. Let’s do this!  

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Yoga brings the body and mind together through physical movement and meditation. Not only will you become stronger - the regular practice of yoga can lead to a decrease in anxiety and depression, an increase in awareness and empathy, and improvement in quality of life.

We have teamed up with Sandbridge Yoga to provide you with expert instruction and guidance. Classes are for children, teens, and adults of all levels.


In-Person + Online

Therapy, personal training, and health coaching are also available online - you may even catch our team sending you a text to keep you accountable ;) Create a mix of real-life and online support that fits your lifestyle.

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Our services are private, safe, and accessible to meet your needs. 

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