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REBOOT: Mind, Body, Health

REdiscovering health. Naturally.

Take the journey to improve
mental, physical, and emotional well-being




REBOOT: Mind, Body, Health helps you discover and master skills for a lifetime of wellness.

“Body and mind are so closely related that if one is healthy the other must be so.” Buddha Bose


Areas of Expertise




Develop skills to perform better as a manager, co-worker, spouse, or parent.



You do not have to navigate the transition back to school or finding your way after graduation alone. 



Mood changes are quite common among older adults, working with a therapist can help. 


We know you are busy. Our services can be offered completely online to make it easy for you to work on your goals. Online therapy and wellness services are private, safe, and accessible to meet your needs. 



Psychotherapy is a highly individualized process that begins with trust and the building of a working relationship between therapists and clients. Our therapists offer a safe, confidential, and supportive environment to help clients progress toward their personal goals.

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Health Coaching

Health coaches support you along your journey to better health. They will work directly with you to define your goals, identify and overcome barriers, and increase your positive health behaviors for a lifetime of wellness.


Personal Training

Personal Trainers are an integral part of the Reboot model. Many clients undergoing psychotherapy will be referred to Personal Trainers to either establish a foundation for proper exercise habits or revive lost skills as a main treatment goal. 

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Beyond the physical benefits, the regular practice of yoga can lead to a decrease in anxiety and depression, an increase in awareness and empathy, and improvement in quality of life.

We offer intimate classes for children, teens, and adults of all levels. Each class incorporates aspects of both body and mind through physical movement and meditation.  


Massage Therapy

Focusing on self-care is crucial in maintaining mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Intentionally prioritizing self-care activities sparks increased positive feelings towards oneself and boosts confidence levels. Practice positive self-care through working with a therapeutic massage therapist.

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Our services include: Psychotherapy and counseling, personal training,

health coaching, massage therapy, and yoga


Take the journey to improve
mental, physical, and emotional well-being


Our services are private, safe, and accessible to meet your needs. 

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